DWE Accounting

Audit Preparation

Prepared financial statements, trial balances and a complete set of working papers for the company's auditors.

Audits in previous years were expensive, time consuming and late. Preparation (and the related work papers) reduced audit effort and accelerated the auditor's reports.

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Ornate Bench
Bench at George and Bodine Streets, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

Grant Reporting

Prepared reports to grantors on expenses incurred and budget variances as work on their grants proceeded.

Met with grantors to discuss reports, company operations, and plans to meet budgetary requirements. Discussed compliance with the grantor's financial rules and submitted documentation to support grant expense reports.

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Overhead Recovery

Reviewed grant documents and applicable regulations to determine policies for reimbursement of overhead costs.

Developed methodology to recover overhead costs. Many agencies cover direct costs but only limited overhead, or they require specific documentation for overhead. The regulatory reviews were part of the grant application and were useful for preparation of cost reports.

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New Accounting System

Selected and installed a new computer accounting system. The company required a specialized system for its line of business. Identified target systems and conducted tests to confirm use within the company.

Trained operations employees in the use of the system. Monitored system to assess success of training and whether system met company's requirements.

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Tax Credit Application

Prepared pro forma financial statements over the life of the proposed project to ensure compliance with tax credit rules and returns to investors.

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St. Peter the Apostle Church
Saint Peter the Apostle Church from Cambridge and Orianna Streets

Construction Reporting

Prepared interim cost reports, with budget comparisons for construction projects. Investigated budget variances and worked with management to adjust plans to bring the projects in under budget.

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Virtual Walking Tour of North Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city of murals and other public art, some in the most curious spots. Bill Daly worked in North Philadelphia for eight years and took pictures as he walked. We've included some on these pages. More pictures of North Philadelphia.

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